DMe Weekly Update

What is DMe?

Some might say DMe stands for Decentralized Messenger, and any Spanish-native speakers will definitely say it's called “Dime”, Spanish for “tell me”, and both would be correct.

Key Features

  • Web3 Privacy-Focused and Encrypted Messaging Dapp (NEAR + IPFS);
  • Transfer digital assets to other users and from different blockchains using only a UID;
  • “Chat-to-Earn” Model: Earn our native token for using the platform;
  • Discover public spaces and engage with people just like you;
  • Token holders and stakers will participate in the Governance thru a DAO;
  • Stake native token $DIME gain admin privileges;
  • Users log in using a Web3 compatible wallet such as Metamask or Sender (no information is recorded);
  • Set NFTs in your wallet as Profile Picture (PFP);

Preview of DMe landing website

We plan to deploy our dapp on the website (domain already registered) on IPFS but in the meantime, you can have a glance at it.

DMe Landing Page
DMe Features

Our Vision

We want to create a place where people can chat with friends or family and transfer funds on one spot while also having the ability to meet other users. A place owned by the consumers who use the decentralized platform, allowing them to participate in the governance of the protocol.

Who’s building DMe?

The idea for this project has been around my head for the past two months and it was during the course of the NCE that I finally put all the pieces together with the help of our new onboard NCE members that will help create this experience.

  • Ivar: Founder of DMe. A tech lawyer with experience developing apps and great music taste. Born in the Dominican Republic, he currently lives in Madrid where collaborates with NEAR’s Legal Guild addressing the legal implications of Blockchain, Web3, Smart Contracts, NFTs, etc.
  • Diddy: Our marketing expert. Talented, Charismatic, and a Natural Leader, she understands how to properly identify a market and fit a product under their needs.
  • Sai: Great programming must be at the core of DMe, and Sai has the knowledge and experience developing apps while understanding the tools required to accomplish this.



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Ivar Cifre Molina

Ivar Cifre Molina

Lawyer specialized in New Technologies, Apps Development, Blockchain, and GDPR. Founder of JURISPIXEL (legal tech consultancy) and lockIO (security app).